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Leaf Gift Press Release from PR Newswire

How does the average customer navigate a super-saturated CBD market? Not very easily — but a new CBD Discovery Box is giving consumers a convenient...

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The Benefits of a CBD Subscription Box: Four Things You Should Know

Move over, ‘regular’ CBD — the CBD subscription box is here. And it’s quickly making CBD more simple, affordable, and convenient than ever before. Here's what you need to know about CBD subscription boxes and how they're changing the way people buy CBD. Read More

What Is CBD, Anyway? CBD 101

What is CBD? Good question! It's basically the hemp plant’s active ingredient. It’s what vitamin C is to oranges and iron is to omega 3’s are to salmon. Why should you take it? Keep reading to find out... Read More

The 3 Major Reasons Why We Started a CBD Subscription Box

As health-conscious entrepreneurs, we’ve experienced the benefits of CBD firsthand. We’ve seen how it’s enhanced our focus and how it’s made even the most stressful moments that little bit more bearable. But we’ve also seen some serious weak spots in how the CBD industry works...

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