Leaf Gift Press Release from PR Newswire

Leaf Gift Press Release from PR Newswire

How does the average customer navigate a super-saturated CBD market?

Not very easily — but a new CBD Discovery Box is giving consumers a convenient way to find premium CBD. 

Los Angeles, CA: Leaf Gift, founded by a team of POC entrepreneurs, has launched their latest concept today: a CBD Discovery Box dedicated to premium, carefully curated CBD products. 

Leaf Gift helps new customers and CBD connoisseurs alike explore their options and craft a CBD routine catered to their specific needs. Their overarching goal is to create a community centered around CBD — and offer this community the opportunity to discover top-tier CBD brands in the most convenient format possible.

The subscription boxes offered by Leaf Gift provide both time and monetary savings to consumers. A $95 subscription box from Leaf Gift includes well over $120 of tinctures, edibles, beauty products, topicals, capsules, and oils. Leaf Gift also has plans to release specialized boxes, including a women’s CBD beauty box and a box for pets. No longer do customers have to scour the internet for reputable brands. Leaf Gift’s subscription boxes focus on the finest products that the industry has to offer. 

The community Leaf Gift is creating also puts an emphasis on diversity. The CBD industry has grown exponentially over the past few years, with nearly 3,000 CBD brands in existence and an 890% growth rate from April 2014 to April 2018. 

Even in the face of recessions and pandemics, cannabis dispensaries have been deemed essential and have been growing faster than ever before. According to Headset, millennials alone contribute to roughly 52% of all cannabis sales in the United States. 84% of these cannabis consumers are employed full-time and 65% have a household income of $75,000 or more. Finally, around 54% of cannabis consumers say that they are signed up for a subscription box service. 

Despite the abundance and variety of businesses within the cannabis industry, however, only 5% of leaders in this space are women or people of color. Co-founded by three people of color, the Leaf Gift community is bringing some much-needed creating variety and diversity into this space. 

Geummy Lee, Leaf Gift’s co-founder and Creative Director, is determined to break stereotypes associated with CBD while also making history as a female executive in a male-dominated industry. Her goals are to break the stigma against using hemp products to achieve better health and change the racially-charged perceptions the media has of weed. 

Lee envisions Leaf Gift serving a wide variety of people interested in holistic health and wellness. She sees the emergence of CBD as a massive consumer trend — and as a chance to break negative perceptions and promote CBD use among consumers of every race.

Zoe Young, Leaf Gift’s co-founder and Director of PR, has worked her way up both the creative chain of command and the charts to establish herself as one of today’s most prominent A&Rs. Best known for developing and breaking French Montana, Zoe is the mastermind behind up-and-coming and established talent alike, including Blac Youngsta, Bia, Trina, and more. Young’s maverick rise ushers in an era of disruption in the music industry. 

Leaf Gift CBD Subscription Box Founders

Eclipsing several of her male counterparts, Zoe is a role model for aspiring young women. Her successful journey speaks for itself...and it’s far from over. Young worked to co-found Leaf Gift after taking note of the direct correlation between cannabis consumption and the music industry and the parallels that can be drawn between both. 

Tedd Bernard, Leaf Gift’s founder and chair, has an abundance of experience in business ventures both inside and outside of the ever-growing cannabis industry. His entrepreneurial experience in starting Knowleaf, a cannabis sourcing and comparison platform, allowed him to identify gaps in the cannabis industry. While an abundance of cannabis brands exist, Bernard realized, very little time is devoted to product curation or cannabis education. This inspired Leaf Gift’s mission to foster community and raise awareness with the help of CBD.

Tedd began his pursuits in entrepreneurship at 19 years old and raised nearly $500k for his first business venture Almost Famous, a discovery platform for Talent. By his mid 20’s, he was in Dubai running a supply chain company within the microelectronics industry with over 60 employees for $80mm in ARR. Tedd’s entrepreneurship primarily focuses on marketplace platforms and emerging industries. 

Tedd and his team strive to revolutionize the CBD industry through the pillars of inclusivity, community, and education — and they plan to provide plenty of curated CBD products in the process.