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The Team


CEO- Co- Founder

Worked her way up both the creative chain of command and the charts to establish herself as one of today’s most prominent A&Rs.


CMO / Creative Creative - Co- Founder

Is determined to break stereotypes associated with CBD while also making history as a female executive in a male-dominated industry.

Tedd Bernard


Believes there is a gap in education about CBD and that the discovery of new products in the space will help with the drug addiction epidemic in the country!

About Leaf Gift

We are setting the standard by making it convenient for customers to discover vetted, quality CBD products worthy to be gifted. Just like how you gift someone a product you love, Leaf Gift is about gifting awesome CBD goodies right to your doorstep. You can also re-gift to your friends and to oneself. Reorder products you love!


The overarching goal is to create community through CBD and offer customers the opportunity to discover top-tier CBD brands via a subscription box format.


Our Vision is to spread the joy and relaxation and community culture of CBD one gift box at a time

Our Curators


Curator & PR


Curator & Operations


Curator & Compliance Officer
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