Hakuna Hemp Preroll (1g)
Hakuna Hemp Preroll (1g)

Hakuna Hemp Preroll (1g)

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Hakuna Hemp Preroll (1g) - Click here to visit the COA

Hakuna herbal blend prerolls contain top-shelf hemp flower along with an all-natural blend of USDA certified herbs. Each preroll is carefully packed to ensure an even, smooth burn. Containing approximately 27mg of active cannabinoids each, these prerolls may offer natural relief from stress & anxiety.


      *Hobarts Haze Hemp, *Red Raspberry, *Mullein, *Mugwort, *Lavender Flowers, *Damiana, *Marshmallow, *Hops, *Wormwood, *Valerian, *Passion Flower, *Lobelia, *Tarragon

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